What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"They know me by name, and treat me like family. My son had surgery and I spent all day at hospital with him. I was forced to fill his pain meds prescription elsewhere due to his after hours release. After a horrible experience with CVS that left me feeling like a criminal, I felt the need to SHOUT OUT how wonderful my hometown pharmacy that treats me like family is."

"This pharmacy is absolutely FABULOUS! Everyone there is so nice and helpful. This will definitely be my new pharmacy from now on!"

"I have dealt with many (5+) local pharmacies over the years and Fisher's has been by far the best!! My only regret is that I didn't go there sooner. Everyone there is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. There's also lots of great other items there, many make awesome gifts."

"Love this place only pharmacy I know take your scripts in and 5 to 10 min later they are done best place I've found!"

"Fisher's makes it easy to shop local and stay out of the big box stores. Highly recommend them to anyone. Always friendly and excellent service."

"Tracy at the window is so friendly & knows you when you pull up in the drive thru. Very nice!"

"Missy has gone above and beyond to help me obtain medicine for my dog. She has been wonderful and a reason I will continue with them! Thanks Missy!"

"The staff at Fisher's is very friendly and readily available to help you. The pharmacy offers a wide assortment of gift ideas. I love to buy my daughter Yankee Candles from their many different scented jar candles. They have beautiful seasonal decorations to add to any decor. I love Fisher's Pharmacy!"

"Go to the rest then come to the best, best service pharmacy you'll ever come to!!"

"Excellent I don't even have to tell them my name as soon as they seen me pull up they get my medicine. No more lines to wait on love you guys!"

"Love you guys!!! Awesome service. You give kindness, compassion and loads of information to your customers."

"Everyone there is so very friendly and helpful!"

"Pharmacists care about your wellbeing and are willing to listen and offer advice when appropriate."

"Very friendly and professional they know who I am without asking my name."

"Friendly service with a smile. All the girls there are so nice and sweet. They wait on you fast and while you're waiting there's a lovely little gift area that has clothes, and toys, baby items to candles and even coffee. They have their own lab so they can make your specialty meds right there on site for you, even specialty diabetic shoes made to fit your feet. Fast, friendly service and always with a smile. They all treat you like your the most important person. When you walk into the pharmacy, everyone greets you warmly and even calls you by your name. Willing to help you out with information about your prescriptions or or anything else you might have questions about."

"Excellent service, very knowledgeable, Misty is great very helpful all the time."

"The ladies are fabulous! I never have to wait long as I did at my previous pharmacy. I absolutely love the convenience of a drive thru window when my children are in the vehicle. The gift shop is a great place for cute gifts for you or someone else. I just love this hometown pharmacy! Great service and friendly staff!"

"The fact that you can get your prescriptions through the drive-through is enough to make Fishers a slam dunk! (Mother of 3 children here). But, it's the amazing customer service that makes this a place you'll keep coming back to. Highly recommend!!!"

"My family loves Fishers Pharmacy! They fill your prescriptions fast and their customer service is something you don't experience often. I love that they know you by name :)"

"Great service. I went to to Fisher's for medication for my cat years ago. I was so impressed that now my entire family gets our meds at Fisher's. Fast, friendly service with expert advice."

"Love Fisher's Pharmacy...very friendly staff...great selection of greeting cards and gifts. Had no problems in transferring my prescriptions from another pharmacy to Fisher's Pharmacy, they took care of everything, prescriptions are filled fast!"

"Fisher's Pharmacy has the best staff in the area, the pharmacy is more then medication it is a friendly home town pharmacy and more with candles, jewelry and purses and more. Thank you."

"The drive through is great !!! Very friendly and fast service, I recommend them 🙂"

"Friendly staff and plenty of parking."

"I had a question about something my mom purchases at the pharmacy. Although I did not go into the pharmacy, I had a fantastic experience over the phone! There is something to be said for local businesses and why we need to support them!"

"I was glad to buy local. At first impression it looks like this pharmacy has been here since the 1950s. But I was informed by my family in the area that it is brand new. And I have to say it's pretty audacious to build a small local pharmacy across the street from a RiteAid. Usually these things happen the other way around. The big national chain opens and puts the little guy out of business. Fisher's was great. It had everything I needed, in a warm and helpful environment, and a striking building. I wish them plenty of success, and maybe they can even reverse the trend and send the big chain packing."

You can help Fisher's Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Facebook, Google, and Yelp - thank you!